Dr.Ci:Labo Batch Code Checker

Batchdecoder.com reads the date of production and determines the expiration date from the batch code of your favorite cosmetic brands. Enter the batch code found on the product packaging above.

Here’s an example of what Dr.Ci:Labo batch codes look like: P8E9

How to Find the Batch Code on Dr.Ci:Labo Products

Dr.Ci:Labo uses different types of packaging for their products. Their serums are typically in plastic bottles, making them easy to use. The creams and moisturizers are usually found in jars. For facial masks, they often use foil packets to ensure the masks stay fresh and effective until you’re ready to use them.

Here’s how to find the batch code on different types of packaging:

  • Plastic Bottles: Typically, you’ll find the batch code on the back of the bottle or on the bottom.
  • Jars: The batch code is usually printed on the bottom of the jar.
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