Batch Code Checker reads the date of production and determines the expiration date from the batch code of your favorite cosmetic brands. To start, simply select your brand below.

How to Find the Batch Code

Depending on the brand and type of product you have, the batch code may vary greatly in terms of appearance and location. Each brand has its own way of decoding information, no batch codes are alike. The easiest way to locate the batch code on your specific product is to select the brand above and follow the detailed instructions.

Most batch codes are made up of a series of numbers and letters, not to be confused with the barcode or other similar codes printed on the packaging. It is usually located on the crimp of a tube, printed on the label, or stamped under the product. Some batch codes are made to blend in with the overall aesthetic of the packaging, always make sure you’re inspecting your product in good lighting.

How Long are Cosmetics Fresh?

The freshness of your favorite cosmetics may vary depending on the ingredients and type of product. If left unopened, a product may last for up to 3 years or longer under ideal storage conditions. However, once you open the product you have to take note of the PAO (Period After Opening) symbol, as this will tell you exactly how long your product will stay fresh after opening.

The three-year shelf life is not set in stone, it can be shorter or longer depending on how you treat your products. If you store your products in a cool and dry area, away from sunlight, it can last well over three years. However, as soon as the product closes in on three years, it’s important that you inspect them for signs of expiration prior to each use.

While most cosmetics last for about three years, there are some exceptions:

Expected Shelf Life

Perfumes with alcohol: Up to 5 years from date of manufacturing
Skincare cosmetics: 3 years or longer
Makeup products: 3 years or up to 5 years for powders

Our batch code checker will help you determine exactly how old your beauty products are and their expected lifetime. You’ll never have to risk using expired products on your skin again.

Signs of Expiration

With time, the active ingredients in your skincare products lose their power, this happens faster with opened products. While they may not be harmful, they have less efficiency and might not work as well as they used to in their prime.

Visual signs of expiration include a change in color or consistency. If you notice your favorite beauty products change in color or become runny, it’s time for a replacement. Some products may also start clumping, and you certainly don’t want that on your skin.

Another sign of expiration is the scent. If your product starts to smell funny, there’s a chance that you too will if you keep using it.

Pro Tip:

Make it a habit to mark the month and year you opened every product, this will help you keep track of how long they will last. Along with the PAO symbol, you’ll never have to worry about expired cosmetics again.

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